I met a cunning Parrot a few days ago…

…This parrot acts like he sits in his cage always, miserable, constantly making us feel sorry for him. It’s all lies. This parrot probably flies around like all the other birds and does the worst, probably just when we’re not looking and to places we will never know. Lowkey parrot lol. But I just play along with him and act like he’s not as naughty as the other birds all the while feeling insulted that he thinks me a fool.

(Lol…I may be a fool who thinks himself wise. What fool doesn’t ?)

But how do I know ? I’ve never actually seen him fly or heard from someone that he does. Lol..sneaky parrot. But he’s always there with the innocence spread across his face, always managing to manipulate me into believing that he’s good.

He’s a good parrot anyhow and I’m glad I met him.





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Let us never forget what Vince Carter did for our country.

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It’s never too late to be the person you want to be.


Bentley Mulsanne | Photographer


Jay Z thanking the friendly park ranger for rescuing his wife from that pond.

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